We provide the following Services:

Penetration Testing

If your system is connected to the Internet running any public service like

We can check for vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers/crackers or other bots and botnets. We will present to you a report on the system's security status. You can then choose who will fix the vulnerabilities, like your hosting provider. We also provide vulnerability fixing as a separate service

Vulnerability fixing & making Operating System and Installed Software up to date

In this service we will fix the vulnerabilities detected by our penetration testing. Most systems contain obsolete software packages, we will upgrade them to their latest versions provided by the corresponding vendor. We will again conduct a penetration test to see that no vulnerabilities exists and present you with the report.

Scanning the computer for rootkits or other malicious software and removing them

In this service we scan your systems for rootkits or other malicious software such as Ransomware, Spyware, Trojan horse, virus etc. Sometimes infection could be on an important system file or other software files. In such case if removing it is not possible, the package will have to be uninstalled to remove the infected files and then re-installed with fresh files. In rare cases the whole Operating System will require to be re-installed.