“Hackers don’t want to damage computers any more, they want to own them. They have started to run direct attacks where just one business, or even just one computer, is infected.”
-- Eugene Kaspersky
Head of kaspersky Lab
“Low code quality keeps haunting our entire industry. That, and sloppy programmers who don't understand the frameworks they work within. They're like plumbers high on glue.”
-- Theo de Raadt
Founder of OpenBSD and co. founder of NetBSD projects
“At McAfee, we’re laser focused on helping customers find, freeze, and fix threats before they become problems.”
--Pat Calhoun
General manager of network security at McAfee

Welcome to BroadTechSec

The field of cyber security is so filled with jargons and highly technical papers which makes it difficult for the people to understand and implement security in their computers, networks, cloud resources and campuses. Hiring of experts to secure these resources can prove costly at best and result in purchase of costly equipments from vendors who gives commission to the expert per purchase volume.

We would like to help you secure your systems in a cost-effective manner, at the same time provide awareness and knowledge about the threats your information resources face and the remedies to it. Below is a short introduction to the current state of affairs in this field and the threats we face

We welcome you to the practice of proactive security in this age of rampant criminal activities in the field of Information Technology.Compromise in information security has become a norm such that even widely used and greatly acclaimed software like OpenSSL has been found to have severe vulnerabilities that could be exploited even after the exposure of Heartbleed which led to the formation of LibreSSL project, a version of the TLS/crypto stack forked from OpenSSL in 2014, with goals of modernizing the codebase, improving security, and applying best practice development processes.

Today Privacy Breach class actions are launched in the magnitude of hundreds of billions .Ransomware is rampant and wrecking havoc in large firms as well as individual home computers. Spear Phishing attacks does not spare even highly secured computer networks of Military establishments. Rootkits , Trojans & a plethora of other threats loom around both individuals and corporations causing catastrophes ranging from identity thefts to large information theft causing loss in the billions .

The products & services section of this websites will educate you on how we can help secure your computers, networks, cloud resources and campuses. It will also lead you to other sources of information on security so that you can get deeper understanding on the various areas, aspects and concepts of Security.